How To Activate Your LG Microwave Silent Mode

LG microwaves are well-known for providing excellent performance at a budget-conscious price point. This lower cost – without compromising on features – has made them a popular choice all over the world.

There’s one feature that you might not know how to activate on your LG microwave though, and that’s its silent mode!

This allows you to mute the incessant beeping sounds that all microwaves make. You’ll appreciate this if you use the appliance early in the day and don’t want to annoy your family.

In this article I’ll explain how to activate silent mode on pretty much every LG microwave. I’ve also included some handy tips that will help you get more from your appliance too.

How to activate Silent Mode on an LG microwave

To activate your LG microwave’s silent mode, simply follow these simple instructions. Note that this process works on most of the LG appliances I’m aware of, but check your model’s instruction manual if it doesn’t work for you.

  1. Make sure the microwave isn’t running and close the door.
  2. Look for the STOP / CLEAR button on your model, and hold it down for 3 seconds. (You might need to press the CLOCK button instead – check the manual)
  3. After holding the button down for a while, you should hear a longer beep. This indicates that silent mode has been activated on your LG microwave. Depending on the exact model, you may also see a speaker symbol crossed out on the display panel.

If you want to turn your LG microwave beeps back on, simply repeat this process.

You’ll again get a long beep, and your microwave will be back to its normal noisy operation!

Additional tips for LG microwave owners

I wanted to include a few extra tips to help LG microwave owners get a little more out of their appliance.

#1 A little maintenance goes a long way

To make sure your microwaves runs properly – and for a long time – make sure you clean the interior regularly. This will prevent the internal components getting grubby, which preserves the lifespan of the microwave.

A damp cloth and a little standard kitchen detergent is all that’s required here! Don’t use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning cloths, as this can cause damage to the interior.

It’s also worth giving the exterior a wipe down at the same time, if only because it makes the kitchen look better!

#2 Use the right containers

Only ever use microwave-safe containers when you’re cooking meals or reheating leftovers. If it’s plastic, look for the microwave-safe logo, which looks like a microwave or a handful of wavy lines.

#3 Use the right lids too!

The lid is just as important as the container when you’re microwaving. These prevent spills and splashes (making clean-up much easier), and a good lid will have a steam vent too.

#4 Adjust cooking times to suit the wattage

Remember that microwave wattages can vary a huge amount, so don’t assume you’ll get the same results with the same settings across different models!

Experiment with the cooking times and the power level to get the right balance for the dishes you cook most often.

#5 Defrost frozen food correctly

When you’re defrosting frozen food you want to make sure it’s done evenly. Make sure you arrange the items into just one layer and separate them out as much as you can.

You’ll also get better results if you take a bit of time to turn and move the frozen items around during the defrosting process.

#6 Make use of the child lock

Most modern LG microwaves include a child lock feature. If you’ve got young kids it’s worth taking advantage of this so it can’t be accidentally turned on.

Your model may work differently, but most LG microwave child locks can be activated by holding down the STOP/CLEAR button for 4 seconds.

If this doesn’t work, check your owner’s manual. If you’ve tossed it out, most of them are easy to find online!

Wrapping Up

Silent mode is one of those small but very welcome features on any microwave. Turning it on can be very helpful for the other people in your household, but it’s very easy to reverse the process and switch it back on.

Follow the other tips too and you’ll be able to enjoy your LG microwave – silent or otherwise – for much longer!