How To Activate The Magic Chef Microwave Silent Mode

Magic Chef microwaves have a loyal army of fans, and they make cooking and reheating food both simple and cost-effective.

The thing is though, like all microwaves they can be quite noisy. Those beeps can really get on your nerves after a while, but the good news is there’s actually a “hidden” silent mode you can turn on easily enough.

To put your Magic Chef microwave into silent mode, just follow these very simple steps:

Step 1

Find the “Stop / Clear” button on the Magic Chef microwave and press it. This will clear out any previous cooking programs and effectively reset the appliance.

Step 2

Look for the “Start / Minute Plus” button, and hold it down for around five seconds. You’ll know you’ve done it long enough when you see the “Sound” icon appear on the digital display.

Step 3

Keep pressing the same “Start / Minute Plus” button until you see the “Sound Off” option displayed.

Step 4

To lock the silent mode in, just press the “Power Level” button. This will save the setting.

(This method should work for just about any Magic Chef microwave. If you don’t have these button options though, look up silent mode in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have the manual any more, these are usually pretty easy to find on Google.)

And that’s it really!

Your Magic Chef microwave will now be operating in silent mode. 

If you want to make sure, just set it up for a quick cooking job. When it ends, you won’t hear a beep to tell you the task has finished.