Panasonic NN SN67KS Review 2024 – Frozen Food With Flavor?

In this Panasonic NN SN67KS review, I’m taking a closer look at one of the most popular home microwaves on the market.

I’m lucky enough to be able to do a lot more fresh cooking in middle-age. In my younger years though, it’s fair to say a microwave designed to make frozen food more flavorful would have been very welcome!

That’s really the main selling point of the NN SN67KS. It uses inverter technology, rather than pulse heating, to deliver a steady stream of heat. 

That means the food is thawed and cooked more evenly, banishing those hot and cold spots for good!

In the rest of this review I’ll provide a quick overview of this microwave, followed by a closer look at its key features. After that I’ll wrap things up with some alternative microwaves you might like to look at.

Keep reading to learn more about this very popular kitchen appliance.

Panasonic NN-SN67K Microwave Oven, 1.2 cu.ft,...
  • Microwave cooking made easy space-saving, 1. 2 Cu. Ft. 1200W stainless steel countertop oven with 11 power levels, smart controls...
  • Inverter technology generates a seamless stream of microwave cooking power for evenly heated foods edges to center. Cavity...
  • Smart cooking settings with genius sensor automatically adjusts power and times to take the guesswork out of everyday cooking;...
  • Inverter Turbo defrost for all your frozen foods, Turbo defrost accelerates defrosting time to thaw more quickly and thoroughly...
  • 3-Level popcorn button popcorn lovers can choose the optimal popping temperature and time for different microwave bag capacities...

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About the Panasonic NN SN67KS

The Panasonic NN SN67KS is a midrange microwave designed to bring more functionality into the typical home kitchen.

The 1200 Watt power rating is at the higher end for a home microwave, while the 1.2 cubic feet interior is ample for bigger family meals.

It also features inverter heating technology which is faster and more effective than “pulsing” microwaves.

As well as 11 power levels, the NN SN67KS also features a “genius sensor” which automatically adjusts power and cooking times based on the interior humidity.

What’s the quick verdict?

As an all-rounder, the NN SN67KS has become popular for good reason. It packs a lot of functionality into a single appliance, and the heating performance is impressive.

Where it really shines is in preparing frozen food. The heating tech and the power combine to do a much better job of heating frozen meals, without creating hot or cold spots.

If you’re working with a lot of frozen ingredients, it’s about the best option on the home market right now. 

On top of that it’s just a very convenient, high performance microwave that stands up well against the competition at this end of the market.


The Panasonic NN SN67KS is available in three different color options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless Steel / Silver

Home microwaves typically operate at a power rating between 700-1300 Watts. The NN SN67KS is rated at 1200 Watts, giving it more than enough power for handling a wide variety of tasks.

As for size and weight, it’s important to note that the Panasonic is both quite heavy and quite cumbersome – you definitely want a permanent home for this one!

The good news is that this extra bulk means the NN SN67KS stays right in place, no matter how long it’s been running, and at what power setting.

  • Height: 12.2 inches
  • Width: 20.7 inches
  • Depth: 15.8 inches
  • Weight: 25.4 pounds

The clever thing about the design of the NN SN67KS is how narrow the control panel is. It’s still easy enough to operate (more on that shortly), but space is sensibly prioritized for the interior cooking space.

At 1.2 cubic feet, you have more than enough room to prepare family meals, or just large defrosting jobs – something the NN SN67KS excels at.

The turntable clocks in at 13.4 inches, which provides plenty of room for larger plates and microwave-safe containers.

Inverter Technology

Many lower-end microwaves make use of a pulsing technology to heat food. This is an economical design, but it can often lead to unevenly heated food.

To solve this, the NN SN67KS features so-called “inverter technology”. This ensures a steady stream of heat – across all 11 power settings – eliminating cold and hot spots in the process.

You pay a little extra for this sort of thing, but given how often we all use our microwaves I think it’s a price worth paying.

Here’s a quick video that explains the basics behind this technology:

Control Panel

The control panel on the NN SN67KS is slender but easy enough to operate. There are the expected buttons for adding time, a +30 seconds button, and numerical controls.

Above those you’ll find the individual power settings (11 in total), popcorn options, Sensor Cook for reheating, Turbo Defrost, Frozen Foods, and a Coffee / Milk setting for quick reheating.

Sensor Cook Settings

For reheating food, the NN SN67KS feature something Panasonic calls its “genius sensor”. 

This takes the guesswork out of common heating tasks, with the sensor adjusting the power level and timing to account for the humidity that’s present in the microwave.

Inverter Turbo Defrost

The same inverter technology that assists the heating process, also lends the Panasonic its strengths at defrosting foods.

This is really the main selling point of the NN SN67KS. If you’re working with a lot of frozen meals, you will definitely notice the difference the inverter approach brings to the table.

Super Popcorn!

It’s pretty common to find a popcorn setting on a microwave. It’s less common to find three separate settings, for different serving sizes. 

This won’t be a huge bonus for all of you, but if Film Night is a regular occurrence in your home then you might find this pretty handy!

Child Safety Lock

Finally, the NN SN67KS features a child safety lock. 

That’s quite a common thing to see on modern microwaves, but it’s a welcome feature if you have little ones running around the kitchen.


Here are a few alternatives that are similar to the Panasonic NN SN67KS, but might be a better fit depending on your circumstances.

Kenmore 70929

The Kenmore 70929 is another powerhouse microwave, but you might prefer it if the size of the Panasonic is a little too much for your kitchen space.

Kenmore 70929 0.9 cu. ft Small Compact 900...
  • COMPACT MICROWAVE OVEN ADA compliant 0 9 cubic feet countertop microwave oven is perfect for small office kitchens RVs and...
  • POWER AND CONVENIENCE Countertop microwave has 10 power settings at 900 watts an add 30 seconds button option and a safety lock to...
  • HEATING PRESETS One Touch Auto-Cook preset programs take the guess work out of heating your favorite foods like pizza potatoes...
  • EXPRESS COOKING With the One Touch express heating settings you can quickly start cooking for 1-6 minutes instantly
  • DEFROST QUICKLY Frozen foods are defrosted quickly with the Time or Weight defrost settings

It’s not quite as effective as the Panasonic when it comes to cooking frozen foods, but it gives it a pretty good run for the money!

Certainly it punches above its weight, when compared to other microwaves at a similar price point.

Amazon Basics Microwave

You might be surprised to see such a simple microwave included here! If budget is your most important consideration though, you’d do well to take a closer look at the Amazon microwave.

Amazon Basics Microwave, Small, 0.7 Cu. Ft,...
  • Now it’s easier to defrost vegetables, make popcorn, cook potatoes, and reheat rice. With an Echo device (not included),...
  • Compact size saves counter space, plus 10 power levels, a kitchen timer, a child lock, and a turntable.
  • Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new presets.
  • External dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 17.3 in. x 10.1 in. x 14.1 in. ; internal dimensions (10 7/8 in. x 6 7/8 in. x 10”...

It’s a pretty barebones appliance, but it’s both affordable and effective at heating frozen foods. Limited as it is in most respects, it’s still a good all-rounder that delivers a surprising amount of bang for your buck.


To summarize, the Panasonic NN SN67KS is a great choice if you’re going to work with a lot of frozen food. The heating is quick and even, with none of those horrible cold spots.

It offers a large interior capacity without compromising on heat performance, and the presets do a good job of finishing the food to perfection.

It’s a real powerhouse, in other words! You can buy the Panasonic NN SN67KS from Amazon, and read plenty of reviews from its many owners while you’re there.