Preparation Guides

This corner of Viva Flavor isn’t nearly as big as the others. It’s an important part of cooking life that I want to expand on considerably when time allows though.

Still, I think it already contains some useful posts that will help you organize your kitchen – and your meals.

I aim to have many more updates for this section of the site in the not too distant future!


7 Surprisingly Handy Kitchen Scissor Hacks – The humble set of kitchen scissors provides a surprising number of shortcuts. I’ve put together a quick guide that will help you save some precious minutes while prepping your next meal.

The Pros & Cons Of Meal Prepping – Meal prepping’s not for everyone, and it has its pluses and minuses. I’ve put together a starter guide that will help you decide if this convenient approach to cooking is right for you. You’ll also find links to some of the best resources on the internet for making a success of planning ahead!

Meat Handling & Storage Tips – We all know the perils of storing meat incorrectly. This guide explains how to safely store and handle your cuts of meat. I’ve also included some tips of warning signs to look for when you’re at the store.

How To Choose & Care For Cutting Boards – Few people pay much attention to the quality of a kitchen cutting board. The material and size can make a big difference to your cooking experience though. I’ve also included some important hygiene and cleaning tips.

The Good Refrigerator Hygiene Guide – It’s important to track the temperature of your refrigerator regularly, and ensure there’s a proper place for everything. I’ll walk you through the basics of proper refrigerator management, so you avoid bugs and smells developing.

The Beginner’s Guide To Kitchen Knives – A solid set of kitchen knives is perhaps the most important weapon in a home cook’s arsenal. Which ones do you really need though, and what should you look for in a set? This guide will help you kit out your kitchen, and keep those knives in razor sharp condition.