The Smallest Keurig Coffee Maker In 2024

Back in my early twenties I lived in some incredibly cramped spaces. It would have been great to pick up one of the very small Keurig-compatible machines that exist today.

Keurig might not make the finest coffee in the world, but there’s no arguing with the choice of flavors. There are literally hundreds to choose from and it would have got me off the instant coffee a lot sooner!

Even if you have a large kitchen, you might still want a smaller coffee maker for camping or traveling.

To help you out, I’ve reviewed the best of some of the smallest Keurig coffee makers you can buy right now.

(If you want to explore more of my coffee content, take a look at the home brewing guide I have on the site!)

Here’s the shortlist I created of the smallest Keurig coffee makers you can buy right now:

  1. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker – BEST OVERALL
  2. Keurig K15 Coffee Maker – BEST KEURIG
  3. Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker
  4. Chefman Instabrew
  5. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

First though, I want to cover a few things you should think about before settling on a machine.

Know The Limitations

The smaller you go with a coffee maker, the more functionality you’re going to lose.

For example, you shouldn’t expect a small coffee maker to have many features for controlling things like brew size or strength.

You won’t have a bulky water reservoir either. To get a small cup of coffee out, you pour a small cup of water in!

For the most part, you’ll only be able to tweak the strength of your brew by reducing the amount of water used as part of the process.

How Big And Heavy Is It?

As there are no fancy bells and whistles with this kind of machine, the smaller it is the less it’s going to weigh.

Check the space carefully to make sure your chosen coffee maker will fit, and don’t forget to leave room on top to add coffee grounds or pods!

As for portability, if you’re likely to be moving the machine around a lot then you should check the weight carefully.

How big are your cups and travel mugs?

Small coffee machines tend to produce coffee up to around 10 or 12ozs, so you should check to see if you’ll get a worthwhile drink from each one. No one wants half their early caffeine fix after all!

If you like to use a travel mug, it’s also important to check whether it will fit underneath the spout. You’ll have less space to play with when it comes to these machines, so check first.

Do You Want To Use Ground Coffee Too?

All the machines I’ve reviewed for this article are compatible with K-Cups, but some offer extra functionality too.

Will you want to use your existing coffee grounds?

Some machines have an accessory that lets you do precisely this, but you’ll often have to buy it separately. Don’t forget to add this to the cost.

Smallest Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the individual coffee makers.

In the next section I’ve put together a detailed review of each machine, taking into account the pros and cons in each case.

Keurig K15 Coffee Maker

Let’s start with an official Keurig machine that’s designed from the ground up to be small and portable.

The Keurig K15 coffee maker is about as compact as Keurig machines get at 6.9 (W) x 10.7 (D) x 10.8 (H) inches.

Keurig K15 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup...
  • Compact: Small and personal; Great for small spaces and portable design goes anywhere
  • Brew sizes: Brews your perfect amount, any cup size between 6 to 10 ounce use the 6 ounce cup size for a bolder brew
  • Water reservoir: Single cup water reservoir for ultimate portability just add fresh water for each brew
  • Drip tray: Removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs up to 5.2 inches tall, and holds a full accidental brew for easy clean up
  • Energy efficient: Automatic shut off turns the brewer off after 90 seconds of inactivity, helping to save energy

As for portability, the machine weighs less than 5lbs assembled, which makes it very easy to move around. That might be useful if you’re planning to take this coffee maker with you on your travels.

When it comes to serving sizes you can choose between 6 and 10oz, although there are no strength control settings here. That means if you want a stronger cup of coffee, your only real option is to go for a smaller serving.

There’s no water reservoir, but that goes with the territory with a machine of this size. Instead you just fill your cup with water, pour it into the machine, put the cup under the spout and then wait for the brew to finish.

If you want to take your coffee on the go, you can remove the drip tray and you’ve enough space to play with to get a 5.2” travel mug underneath. I think that’s quite neat for camping in particular, so you can brew your coffee, pop it in the mug and then take in the scenery at your leisure.

One of the things I really like about the K15 is the range of colours you can choose from . Wherever you’re likely to situate this thing (kitchens, campervans, home offices) I don’t think you’ll struggle to find a design that fits.

For reference, here’s the full range of colours.

  • Black
  • Black Plum
  • Burnt Orange
  • Chili Red
  • Denim
  • Greenery
  • Oasis
  • Platinum
  • Red
  • True Blue

As for K-Cup compatibility, you can use any K-Cup in the K15. That means you’re not restricted to using the official brand, which can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

If you want to keep using regular coffee grounds, you can also buy the My K-Cup reusable filter alongside the K15. That’s much kinder to the environment too, as disposable K-Cups are a bit of a pain to recycle properly.


  • A small form factor that fits just about any kitchen, office or RV space.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • A Keurig machine and so it enjoys true official support.
  • Surprisingly hot coffee for such a simple machine.
  • Loads of colour options, which should make it easy to find a match.


  • As there’s no water reservoir, each brew takes around two to three minutes to complete.
  • Even with the drip tray removed your standard mugs may not fit beneath.
  • If you overfill the water even a little bit you run the risk of leaks.
  • Plastic used is quite lightweight, so it may not prove durable in the long run.

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Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker

Aicok might not be a brand you’re immediately familiar with. Its single serve coffee brewer has picked up its fair share of happy owners over the years though.

The Aicock’s dimensions are 4.3 (W) x 7.5 (D) x 9.8 (H) inches which is truly tiny for a coffee maker. It’s incredibly light as well, weighing in at 2.2lbs. If you have very limited kitchen space, or you plan to move the maker around, I think you’ll find this is a big plus.

No products found.

As with the Keurig machine, this coffee maker is compatible with the full range of Keurig K-Cups. More than that though, you can also use the RealCup range of pods for even more flavour options.

It’s also compatible with the reusable K-Cup filter for your existing ground coffee. Again, you’ll need to buy that separately. I used it more often than I expected and they really don’t cost that much. I recommend getting one if you even think you’ll use it.

It takes around three minutes to get a cup of coffee from the machine, but I would recommend brewing clear water through the machine at the start of each day. It really improves the overall quality of the coffee.

Another big plus for the Aicok is the maximum serving size. At 12oz that’s enough for a solid cup of coffee, and you can fit a travel mug of 5.5” or less beneath the spout.

As pleasantly simple as this machine is, it’s worth remembering that you have no brewing options to play with at all here. You add the water, pop the pod in and hit the single brewing button. That’s it.

Some might find that simplicity to be very welcome, but it’s important to know that the Aicok is a very, very basic machine.


  • I like the size of the brew at 12oz. It’s a proper coffee serving!
  • You’re not limited to using only Keurig K-Cups.
  • The machine is incredibly simple to use. One button gets everything going.
  • The Aicok has an impressive brewing temperature. The coffee’s hot even after you’ve added milk or cream.
  • A very small machine – and light too.


  • There are no brewing strength options to play with at all. All you can do is add less water
  • Things can get a little bit messy, especially when removing used pods.
  • Cleaning the machine thoroughly can be a bit of a faff, as not all areas are easily accessible.
  • Results vary but the coffee doesn’t taste quite as good as that from the Keurig.
  • We’ve read reports of this machine seeing barely a year of service before malfunctioning.

Chefman Instabrew Single Serve Coffee Maker

Chefman’s super-slim Instabrew is a very striking thing.

This is one of the most pared-back machines – in terms of aesthetic design – I’ve ever reviewed for Viva Flavor. I think it looks great!

Chefman Instabrew Single Serve Coffee Maker...
  • RAPID BREW: Proprietary technology ensures coffee brews quickly and at the perfect temperature - no more cold coffee. Instant...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Narrow profile fits and stores anywhere, can even be used to brew coffee on exotic vacations, trips, in dorms or...
  • USE WITH K-CUPS OR GROUNDS: Accepts ALL K-Cups & Coffee Grounds so you can have your cup of joe how you want it. Includes...
  • ONE TOUCH OPERATION: Brews coffee just how you like it, simply - no levers to pull. Experiment with less water for a bolder flavor...
  • RESOURCES & WARRANTY: Includes access to Club Chefman for tailor made step-by-step recipes, tutorial videos, and more! cETL...

It’s exceptionally narrow too, which makes it a very easy fit for dorms and compact kitchen spaces. The full dimensions are 6.7 (D) x 12.9 (H) x 5.2 (W) inches and it’s the middleweight in our round-up at 2.3lbs. Just a shade over the Aicok machine, then.

It’s compatible with the full K-Cup range. Unlike the other machines in this round-up though, a reusable filter is provided out of the box. That means you can use your favourite ground coffee right away,, or even brew up loose leaf tea.

There’s a really generous spout height too, which should provide enough space for your travel mug to fit under.

Brewing is once again a very simple, one-button affair. Again, the only option you have if you want to tinker with the brewing strength is to use less water.

When it comes to form and function the InstaBrew ticks all the boxes, but I’m less than convinced by the taste of the coffee. Even after running the machine through a few times there’s a lingering plastic taste that may or may not dissipate fully over time.


  • Comes with everything you need out of the box, including that all-important coffee ground filter – and a scoop too!
  • Very fast brewing compared to other machines in this category – less than two minutes for the first cup.
  • A particular quiet machine during the brewing process.
  • Great for those working to a very limited budget.


  • The taste of the coffee is a little wanting. Yes this is entry-level stuff but it’s disappointing nevertheless.
  • Creates a bit of a mess during the brewing process, with lots of splashing.
  • No off switch! You have to unplug the thing in-between brews.
  • I’ve seen a lot of reports suggesting the machine is unreliable in the long term.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Although you can only make a 10oz K-Cup serving with the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, you can scale this up to 14 oz if you use ground coffee.

Handily, you actually get a little grounds basket to get started with those bigger sizes right out of the box.

Hamilton Beach 49974 FlexBrew Single-Serve...
  • Single-serve coffee maker with or without K-Cup pods. Brew up to 10 ounce. With a K-Cup, pod, or up to a 14 ounce. Travel mug with...
  • Just lower lid and brew: Whether it’s a single-serve pod or your own fresh grounds, just place them in the holder, lower the lid...
  • Personal coffee maker: The flex brew single-serve coffee maker is the perfect gift for college students, small kitchens, the...
  • Fits a variety of mugs: Use the adjustable cup rest to not only fit your favorite mug in just right, but to also store the...
  • Easy to clean: The pod-piercing needle removes for easy cleaning to prevent clogging that can sometimes occur with frequent use.

The machine’s officially compatible with all K-Cups as well, so you’re free to experiment with the many official and unofficial pods on the market.

If you want to add your coffee to a travel mug, you’ve got about 8” of clearance space, so make sure your mug will fit.

As for the machine size, you’re looking at a reasonably slim width of 6.5 inches. The height is just under 13.5 inches, and the depth is a little over 10. You want to allow extra space at the top so you can actually insert your coffee.

Overall it’s not the smallest machine so make sure you’re happy with that size.

Once it’s all set up it weighs around 3lbs, so you shouldn’t have any trouble moving it around if you need to.

A neat feature that isn’t commonly included on this kind of machine is a strength setting. There aren’t many settings to play around with here, but you do get to choose a regular or bold brew strength.

You also get a little bit of storage space! Pop the cup rest out and you can store the brew basket inside it, or even a couple of pods. That’s pretty smart thinking I reckon, considering how people are likely to be using this.

Overall I think the FlexBrew is a really cleverly designed bit of kit. It looks and feels like a premium product, and I think Hamilton Beach deserves credit for really thinking about the design and adding in those extra elements of convenience.


  • Clever design provides a lot of extra convenience.
  • Accommodates larger travel mugs well.
  • Everything you need to enjoy it right out of the box.
  • Impressive coffee thanks to pressure brewing.
  • Rarely overflows which helps to minimise the usual mop-up!
  • Water level is very clearly marked so you don’t under or over-fill.


  • Needs regularly cleaning to stay in good working condition.
  • K-Cup coffee typically comes out better than ground coffee.
  • Quite a noisy little machine in general.
  • Filter feels a little bit flimsy and is unlikely to last for a particularly long time.
  • Brewing takes longer than an official Keurig machine.

The Final Verdict

My favorite machines based on these reviews is the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew.

I think the 10oz pod brew is big enough, and I really like that you can scale that up to 14oz with ground coffee.

That the ground filter you need is included out of the box is a very welcome bonus touch.

Hamilton Beach 49974 FlexBrew Single-Serve...
  • Single-serve coffee maker with or without K-Cup pods. Brew up to 10 ounce. With a K-Cup, pod, or up to a 14 ounce. Travel mug with...
  • Just lower lid and brew: Whether it’s a single-serve pod or your own fresh grounds, just place them in the holder, lower the lid...
  • Personal coffee maker: The flex brew single-serve coffee maker is the perfect gift for college students, small kitchens, the...
  • Fits a variety of mugs: Use the adjustable cup rest to not only fit your favorite mug in just right, but to also store the...
  • Easy to clean: The pod-piercing needle removes for easy cleaning to prevent clogging that can sometimes occur with frequent use.

It’s also got the tallest travel mug capacity I’ve seen, which should hopefully mean your existing mug fits under there. The coffee’s pretty good too, and the brew strength options are very welcome!

Finally, I love the extra design touches that Hamilton Beach has made. That mini storage spot in particular is some smart thinking for a coffee maker like this.