Cookware Reviews & Guides

Choosing the right set of pots and pans can be an intimidating task. It’s also one of the most important tasks you can undertake when kitting out a kitchen.

Why is this such a complicated subject though, for something that seems so simple?

For a start, there are different material types. Each one of these has its advantages and disadvantages, from cost to cooktop compatibility.

Then there’s the selection of saucepans and skillets to choose from. What do you really need, and how should you prioritize different items for your own needs and budget?

In this section of Viva Flavor I’ll do my best to demystify the subject for you.

You’ll find guides for caring for your cookware, how the different materials affect cooking and cost, as well as reviews of the most popular cookware sets on the market.

Cookware Guides & Questions

Let’s start with some guides that will help you navigate the world of cookware.


How To Season Cast Iron Pans, Skillets & Other Cookware – Diligent seasoning is essential if you’re to maintain the non-stick surface of cast iron cookware. This guide walks you through the entire process, with tips for choosing the best oils.

Five Simple Methods For Cleaning Burned Pots & Pans – There are ways to rescue even the most desperate cookware disaster! Don’t start shopping around for a new cookware set until you’ve taken stock of the damage – and tried some of these proven methods for bringing your pots and pans back to life.

Why Your Cookware Material Matters – Each type of cookware material has its pros and cons. Some are better for freshly-minted home cooks, while others require a little more TLC. Find out what to expect from the most common cookware materials in this essential primer guide.

How To Make A Ceramic Pan Non Stick Again – If your ceramic cookware is under-performing, it is possible to repair it rather than head to the shops for a new set of pots and pans. Find out how to season your ceramic cookware, and learn some tips to avoid it happening in the future.

The Cookware Care Guide – Well cared-for cookware can last a lifetime, and it’s an investment that’s well worth protecting. Discover the dos and don’ts when you’re working with utensils and problematic cooking ingredients.

Electric Vs Gas Vs Induction Cooking – These three different stovetop types each provide a very different cooking experience. If you’re looking to kit out your kitchen with a new range, have a read of this guide so you know what you’re in for in each case.

How To Clean A Scanpan: Step By Step Guide – Scanpan cookware doesn’t come cheap, and it’s important to take proper care of the clean-up process after each use. It’s not complicated by any means, but this guide will take you through the whole process of properly cleaning a piece of Scanpan cookware.


Why Is My Cast Iron Skillet Sticky? – 9 times out of 10 a sticky skillet is the result of using either the wrong oil, or heating it to the wrong temperature. This article explains the common causes of a sticky skillet, and provides tips to repair the problem – and prevent it from happening in the future.

Why Use A Wok Instead Of A Frying Pan? – For the average home cook, a high quality frying pan is all you need to make outstanding stir fry food. A wok can help you elevate those meals, but what do you need to know about working with this kind of cookware?

Cookware Comparisons

It can be tricky to know which cookware brand to focus on for the long haul. Have a browse through these guides for help with settling on your next collection.

Staub Vs Le Creuset – These two are the heavyweights when it comes to cast iron Dutch ovens. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, not to mention an army of loyal fans. This article explains the key differences between the two, so you can make the right choice for your own kitchen.

Cookware Reviews

Here you’ll find the individual cookware sets, pots and pans I’ve reviewed for the site.

All-Clad Copper Core – Copper’s a fantastic cookware material, but it takes a lot of hard work to keep it in top condition. All-Clad’s solution? Wrap every surface in a tri-ply layer of stainless steel and aluminum. It’s expensive stuff, but provides great performance.

Anolon Advanced – Aluminum is another high quality cookware material, but it lacks durability when compared to stainless steel. Anolon makes use of “hard anodized” aluminum in its Advanced range, which toughens up this material considerably.

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro – Cuisinart’s one of the go-to brands for all kinds of kitchen equipment, not just cookware. The Multiclad Pro is one of its most popular collections of pots and pans, and is a great all-rounder for the typical home kitchen.

Curtis Stone Cookware – Another day, another celebrity chef’s cookware range! The Dura Pan range offers something a little unusual in the world of non-stick cookware though – durability.

Le Creuset Skillet – Steady your wallet. Le Creuset makes some of the best skillets in the business, but they don’t come cheap. It’ll last a lifetime if you look after it well, but can you really justify this kind of investment in a single piece of cookware?

Martha Stewart Dutch Oven – If your budget can’t stretch to a Staub or Le Creuset dutch oven, what are your other options? The Martha Stewart alternative offers similar performance at a much lower cost, but durability is a concern.

Paula Deen Cookware – Paula Deen’s a controversial figure to put it mildly, but in this review I’m focusing solely on the pots and pans. The designs will delight some, and turn off many others. It’s fair to say there’s not much room for a neutral view here.

Tramontina Cookware – Tramontina may not be the first name that comes to mind when you’re looking for a new cookware set. It’s a company with a great history of producing high quality cookware at an affordable price. It’s a reliable brand that’s well worth considering when you’re kitting out a new kitchen.